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Praying For Baltimore

America’s large cities have been ravaged by the failed policies of the Democrat Party. The problems faced by these cities and their residents are overwhelming and complex. However, we stand on the promise that “with God all things are possible” (Matthew 19:26).

Periodically, Pray America Great Again will post prayers for a large city in America. Baltimore, Maryland is the first. This post’s feature image contains a top and bottom view of Baltimore’s inner harbor and inner city. The inner harbor is a facade of what lies directly behind.

Let’s ask God for the well-being of the city’s residents and the city’s economic revival. Let’s also pray about the root of the problem—that voters wake up and stop electing Democrats to office. It is understandable that someone in a hopeless situation “wants” to believe politicians who offer free this and free that. But we all know that nothing is free—and the inhabitants of these Democrat-controlled municipalities are paying a heavy price. At some point, each individual must wake up and face the reality their quality of  life is not improving, and the empty promises are political bait for any warm body vote.

Certainly, Jesus has compassion for people caught up in the deadly lies of those who seek power, money, and control. Certainly He is honored when we pray for the oppressed.

Pray For Baltimore

Prayer warriors, let’s lift the city of Baltimore, Maryland, and her residents, to God’s throne.

We pray in the Name of Jesus Christ, believing that it is God’s will to revitalize Baltimore for the sake of the people.

Let us pray for restoration, protection, and freedom from all oppression—power-hungry politicians, drugs, crime, poverty, disease, failure of local governments. 

Let us also pray for the city’s health, prosperity, a renewing of all minds, godly leaders who seek the well-being of the citizens in all aspects of their lives.

Let’s pray for life, peace, grace, the all-encompassing mercy of our Lord God, and a fresh outpouring of the Holy Spirit on Baltimore, Maryland.

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Some Background For Praying For America’s Large Cities

One of the greatest atrocities that the Democrat Party has wrought on America is the devastation and deterioration of her large cities. Since the 1960’s, these once shining jewels of the American landscape have been on the fast track to destitution.

And who’s in charge in these cities? Who runs these places? Who presides over these rat- and drug-infested metropolises? That’s right. In all cases, every single one, the Democrat Party. In most instances, since the 1960’s, leftists have completely taken over city and local governments with no opposition. And in every single case they end up totally ruining a once booming, economically prosperous, safe, and clean city.

Within these cities, murder and crime rates are out of control. Under the previous administration, police were severely weakened and forbidden from doing their job, causing a lasting distrust from the community, Baltimore being one of them.

Then there’s the educational system or lack thereof. These cities have thousands of student-aged children and receive more money per student than other cities throughout the U.S. Yet, the schools are way below national averages and achievement in all subjects. Most students don’t even graduate.

Here’s why. Local school administrations and teachers’ unions safeguard Democrats being elected. Likewise, Democrats guarantee huge monetary grants to the schools (which are never used to benefit students). Organized crime comes to mind. Notice that elected Democrats cry and pontificate about the illegal alien “children in cages” lie. Yet, Democrats rabidly oppose school choice for the children of American citizens living in inner-cities(!).  Politicians send their children to private schools, while denying the same rights to children without politician parents. This is an outrage! Without a doubt this is the most tragic aspect of liberal policies within large cities. Bad schools, crime, and drugs all add up to school-aged children paying the heaviest price—limited opportunity, addiction, early death, and worst of all (and the Democrat plan all along), a never-ending dependence on government..

Aside from wasting school grants, city and local leaders squander federal grants on themselves, their families, and other “administrative costs.” These grants are intended to help all citizens of the city.

But the city and local leaders aren’t the only problem. These cities are located in districts held by elected Democrats in federal government. San Francisco, the Feces Capitol of the world, is in Nancy Pelosi’s district. And nothing is happening to do anything about that problem. Instead, California keeps passing laws that make it worse. And the representative of the district remains silent, not a word.

Elijah Cummings (God rest his soul) represented the district where Baltimore, Maryland is located. Baltimore is a perfect example of a city dilapidated by Democrat rule.

Baltimore has had billions—note the “B”—thrown at it. But nothing changed. Things remained remained in continual decline. Former Representative Cummings (God rest his soul) lived in a mansion (seems all so unnecessary now). His wife’s business received millions in lucrative donations both to her business and “non-profit.” That is, lucrative and questionable.

Baltimore Poverty And Crime In The National Headlines

In August 2019, the corruption and immorality of Baltimore’s Democrat domination became headline news. Elijah Cummings, along with other Democrat representatives, have been smearing and lying about President Trump since at least early 2016. Finally, Cummings took something too far, and the President turned it back on him. In a tweet, Trump pointed out the nature of Cummings’ district: rat-infested, vermin-infested, drug-infested, garbage not picked up, no human being would want to live there.

Of course, the media and Democrats called Trump a racist, a bigot, a homophobe, the whole mantra. But he had only spoken truth. Twenty years and Cummings let Baltimore go to waste. He didn’t do anything but throw money at Baltimore friends.

No one wants to live in poverty, surrounded by out-of-control violence, where garbage is not picked up. People want jobs to earn a living. They want a proper education for their children. People deserve so much better than Democrats.

Everything about the devastation of America’s large cities is sad. The people are being used. Democrats make promises every election cycle, but never do anything. Lives are being ruined. The problems are large and complex. Only God can fix this.

The abandoned Old Town Mall in downtown Baltimore, Maryland. Located on 7.5 acres, with over 70 stores, the outdoor mall was, in the late 1960’s and and 1970’s, a burgeoning shopping area with trees, gorgeous buildings, delightful light fixtures, designer clothes, and more. Today, not so much. As the city declined due to failed Democrat policies, so did the mall.

In this shot, Baltimore’s Inner Harbor facade can be seen in the background showing the close proximity of these two areas.


This angle provides a more detailed view of the abandoned stores. Some writers refer to “Old Town” as “Ghost Town.”

If you are interested in seeing a before and after shot of Old Town Mall, 1976 versus 2014, visit this retro Baltimore site.

For more before and after images of Baltimore’s old time mall, visit here.

For images of devastation and blight throughout Baltimore, visit here. You will be astounded that this is one of America’s oldest and largest citites.