Rabbi Aryeh Spero Prays For The Nation: Give Us O LORD, A Wise Heart, February 5, 2021

[From an interview with Rabbi Spero on Real America’s Voice show and podcast The War Room. Transcribed by PAGA and Scripture references inserted by PAGA. Therefore any errors in citation or spelling are wholly attributable to the PAGA Staff.]


Let us pray.


A nation looks to you in times of great perplexity and trepidation for its future. Anxiety now reigns in our land. A new government has taken control and imposed soldiers in our nation’s capital. Not so much to protect lawmakers, but to show its force of power, and subdue those Americans who may wish to express their beliefs in public assembly as guaranteed in our Bill of Rights.

The days of our life, the Psalmist declares, are but seventy years, or by reason of special strength, eighty (Psalm 90:10). So pleads the Psalmist, give us, O LORD, a wise heart, so we may understand and discern events (Psalm 90:12; Ecclesiastes 8:5) and thereby know what we are to think and how we are to react.

Many who are now seventy, or by reason of special strength, eighty, have never beheld our nation’s capital bestrewn with soldiers, National Guard, militarized by a new regime. A dangerous prevailing ideological wind is running rampant that forbids the use of soldiers or guards to protect American citizens from the summer flames of destruction in our cities yet moves self-righteously to threaten those citizens with contrasting beliefs. Nay, these are not like the watchman of the towers who guarded King David’s Capitol of Zion for the sake of her inhabitants (Psalm 48:12-13).

As happened before in the book of Exodus there has arisen a new king who did not know Joseph and his brothers nor the God of Jacob (Exodus 1:8). So merciful God, show us your glory (Exodus 33:18-19), reveal your ways so that we can, without violence, protect our rights and our birthright of liberty. For as you have announced in Your Scripture, “Proclaim liberty throughout the land to all the inhabitants” (Leviticus 25:10), all the inhabitants thereof; to all, including we patriotic conservative Americans.



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