Dr. Douglas Frank Prays For America: August 07, 2021

Dr. Douglas Frank is one of three outstanding men at the forefront of mathematical and legal analysis proving—beyond a reasonable doubt—the massive fraud that occurred on the night of the third of November, 2020, and into the wee hours of November 4, 2020.

These three men are:

  • Dr. Douglas Frank – Physicist and Math Genius
  • (Retired) Captain Seth Keshel – Data Analytical Expert and Former Military Intelligence Expert
  • David K. Clements – Law Professor and former prosecutor

You really should get to know these three men and become familiar with the tremendous work they are doing. And pray for each of these patriots.

Dr. Frank, Captain Keshel, and Professor Clements epitomize true American patriots—godly, heroic, truth-loving, brave, and intelligent men who are willing to stand up for our nation and for truth—no matter the cost. Each has an extraordinary and unique gift from God. In interviews posted below, you will see for yourselves how God has prepared them for such a time as this.

Each of these men made stellar presentations at Mike Lindell’s Cyber Symposium in Sioux Falls, SD, which was held August 10-12, 2021. This symposium brought together lawmakers and cyber experts from all 50 states to discuss 2020 election fraud. And they had a lot to discuss.

Prior to the symposium, Dr. Frank, a renown physicist and mathematician, in other words, a total brainiac, posted the following note and prayer on his telegram channel. PAGA urges you to follow Dr. Frank. (Warning: he is addictive!)

Dr. Frank Telegram Note and Prayer

I’m excited… can I say, “very excited” to be in Sioux Falls. Folks, this is history.

Step 1:  Pray.


Heavenly Father, Thy will be done. Give us strength and courage, and fill us with your Spirit. Bind the enemy, and protect us from harm as we seek the Truth. Redeem us as a nation as we turn our eyes toward you.

And we will give you the glory.


Let’s join Dr. Frank in this prayer. Write it on a postcard or make a screenshot to use as a handy reference.

And pray it often.

Our nation needs the just hand of God to bring order to the leftist chaos. Dr. Frank’s succinct prayer hits all the basics.

Get To Know Dr. Frank, Captain Keshel, and Professor Clements

PAGA is listing only a few of the hundreds of interviews and podcasts these three men have done. You can find all three on any honest media platform.

Dr. Douglas Frank

Dr. Frank interview on The Professor’s Record.
Description: Meet Dr. Frank. Genius. Patriot. Oh, and his work on uncovering election fraud … Yuge.

Dr. Frank Interview on The Professor’s Reocrd With Two Other Brainiacs.
Description: In this interview, I’m joined by expert mathematicians Dr. Douglas Frank, Edward Solomon, and Draza Smith.
These three experts compare their respective works, and provide “We the People” with their insights. Election fraud doesn’t stand a chance.

During the Cyber Symposium Dr. Frank explains how the 2020 Election’s fraudulent numbers were computed using an algorithm based on 2010 census data.

Dr. Frank On Telegram


(Retired) Captain Seth Keshel

Cpt. Seth Keshel’s interview on The Professor’s Record.
Description: In this interview, Captain Seth Keshel discusses his journey from baseball analytics to military intelligence, followed by a providential meeting with General Michael Flynn that changed his life forever.
Captain Keshel breaks down the impossible statistical anomalies that defy election trends going back over 100 years.

Cpt. Keshel at the Cyber Symposium explains how he uses population, voter rolls, and new voter registrations to easily determine which U.S. counties had massive voter fraud. He also demonstrates how it is mathematically impossible for the illegitimate one to have received the reported number of votes. (Cpt. Keshel has predicted elections for the past 20 years; and has demonstrated the accuracy of his method going back 100 years.)

Cpt. Keshel On Telegram

Telegram: https://t.me/RealSKeshel

Professor David Clements

Podcast: The Professor’s Record (wherever you watch/listen to podcasts)

The Professor’s Record Podcast on Rumble

Prof. Clements speaking at the Regent University Election Integrity Conference on March 23, 2021.

Prof Clements giving “closing arguments” at the Cyber Symposium. 

Prof. Clements On Telegram

Main: t.me/theprofessorsrecord

Chat: t.me/theprofessorsrecordchat

You can find tons more interviews, reports, information, etc. on each of these heroes’ Telegram channels.

Speaking Of Telegram…

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FYI Cyber Symposium

As mentioned earlier, Dr. Frank’s prayer, though relative to multiple contexts, was prayed in anticipation of Mike Lindell’s Cyber Symposium.

Below are links where you can find information and/or watch this symposium.

General Information About Mike Lindell’s Cyber Symposium August 10-12, 2021.

Two Ways To Watch

  1. Sign up and watch at https://home.frankspeech.com/
    FrankSpeech.com—The Voice of Free Speech—is free to join, has tons of news, podcasts, MyPillow discounts, etc. An email and cell number are required for sign-up (necessary to keep the bots out.)
  2. Watch at https://lindelltv.com/
    Completely free and no sign-up requirements.

All 3 days of the symposium are available via video.  Look for the squares labelled Day 1, Day 2, Day3 on this page.

Each “day” contains separate videos for presentations made on that day.

Must Watch Presentations From The Symposium

The presentations listed below represent approximately 4 hours of video.  The first one, Your Wake-Up Call, is only about 15 minutes. It is a must-see. In fact, Your Wake-Up Call set the context for the symposium’s purpose. It was shown at the beginning of the conference and was also used to open up each day.

Pray America Great Again Psalm 64 5-7