Image: A British Soldier of the Allied Forces reads Supreme Commander Dwight Eisenhower’s June 6, 1944, Order of the Day for Operation Overlord, the code name for the D-Day Invasion of Normandy.


General Dwight Eisenhower’s D-Day Order June 6, 1944: Let Us Beseech The Blessing Of Almighty God

General Dwight D. Eisenhower’s Order of the Day (June 6, 1944)

Pray America Great Again D Day Order Of The Day June 6 1944


D-Day Order and the Next Six Months of 2024

PAGA posted General Dwight Eisenhower’s D-Day order on June 6, 2020 in a post and prayer called Let Us Beseech The Blessing Of Almighty God: Eisenhower’s D-Day Order Is Our 2020 Election Order.

Today we recall the heroes of D-Day, those who travelled to foreign shores to fight a fierce enemy; those who fought for western civilization. Enough cannot said about the might of the American military and the nation’s unity of purpose during this time in our history.

In light of this, we also recall, with great sadness and humility, how far we have fallen. Many so-called “leaders” have contributed to this downfall, and they have done so intentionally. In particular, we recall the culmination of UniParty arrogance, the tragic fraud and theft that occurred during the eleventh month of 2020 and the destruction of our country thereafter.

The fierce and evil enemy is now on our shores, in our own federal, state, city, and county governments. Through bribery and fraud, the weeds of the enemy are growing among the good seed of our nation.

More than in 2020, Eisenhower’s D-Day Order is our 2024 Election Order.

Odd, Isn’t It, How Our Enemies Never Change.

Prior to Hollywood becoming woke, when television shows could be interesting, an episode of The Closer made some profound remarks about the enemies the world is fighting. In this episode, Brenda (main character who is a police chief on suspension) is asked to help her former CIA boss, Commissioner Schmidt, to locate an Islamic terrorist cell.  The following dialogue comes from two different parts of the show, Schmidt talking to Brenda, and then Brenda talking to her team.

Commissioner Andrew Schmidt: Odd, isn’t it, how our enemies never change. During World War II, they recited “Mein Kampf” while shoving people into gas chambers. And during most of my professional life, they quoted Marx and Engels while they shot you in the back of the head. And now, they misuse the Qur’an. Same people. Different books.
Brenda Leigh Johnson : I remember once hearing a speech about what it meant to be an officer of the CIA and the man who gave this speech talked about the struggle to control civilization and how we’re always fighting the same fight, and he used the dark ages as an example. And he talked about how on the one side you had the pragmatic king who was greedy and power hungry and basically took advantage of people whenever he could. And on the other side you had the idealistic church forcing everyone to follow the same rules, believe the same thing, and all that. Neither the king nor the church was ever completely right or wrong, both sides ended up doin’ terrible things to get what they wanted, really terrible things. The point of the story was this, that this struggle from the dark ages had been goin’ on forever, and the church and the king might take on different philosophies but they would always fight each other, pragmatists and idealists, and at most times, you’re better off standing on the sidelines, letting them duke it out. But every once in a while, one side or the other decides it might be better just to blow up the whole world just to get its own way and when that happens you can’t stand on the sidelines any more. You have to pick a team. So for tonight anyway, we’re serving the king.

You Can’t Stand on the Sidelines Any More.

Less than two weeks ago, our nation celebrated another Memorial Day. In honor of our fallen heroes, we must stand up for the United States, a Democratic Republic, for the people and by the people. So many have sacrificed so that we could be free.  And look at us now. The far-left Democrat Party, with the help of what used to be our revered institutions, are running a Marxist coup against their own nation, against us! I pray that God gives you eyes to see and ears to hear.

You Have to Pick a Team.

With this in mind, reread Eisenhower’s D-Day order. “Same people. Different books.” The enemies are clear.
Pray America Great Again Poland After The Nazi Blitzkrieg

Civil residents in Poland after Nazi Blitzkrieg

Is it such a shock to the conscience to see piles of horses and humans after the Nazi Blitzkrieg?

Imagine the piles of dead after COVID and forced injections, the millions of aborted fetuses, the piles of dead from drug overdoses, piles of people raped and killed by illegal aliens, piles of human trafficked women and children who, if not physically dead, are emotionally dead, children being groomed in our schools, muslims who have no desire to assimilate to western civilization who come to America to destroy America, on and on and on.  ALL of it, all of it, is brought to you by those who identify politically under the banner of the Democrat Party.

You can’t stand on the sidelines any more. You have to pick a team.