Let Us Be Offended At The House Democrats For Trying To Take Us For Fools

PAGA correctly uses “Democrat” Party as opposed to “Democratic” Party.

On 12/3/2019, a listener from Richmond, VA called the Rush Limbaugh show. Prior to the call ending, the caller shared her sincere and candid prayers for the nation. These prayers definitely belong in the Pray America Great Again #PAGA Prayer Journal.

Context: On 12/3/2019, the Democrats had 4 law professors lecturing to all the “uninformed” American voters about why their vote means nothing and therefore, why President Trump, who has committed no crimes, deserves impeachment. The professors’ overwhelming arrogance and belittling of others who think differently from them truly shocks the conscience. (Although it probably does wonders for the air bag sickness industry.) Three of the professors are ultra-biased left-wing hacks who have been writing about impeaching the President since 2017 (!). The whole of this subject dominated much of Rush’s 12/3 program.

Following are parts of the caller’s conversation leading up to the sharing of her prayers. Rush’s in-between comments have been left out for brevity, however, the entire conversation can be read here.


…That is my first question because my concern is, they’re not witnesses, and they’re not testifying. But by calling them witnesses, it gives them a heightened sense — to the public, a heightened sense — of authority.

Yeah. What I was listening to, the bit I listened to, is such a mind game. These lawyers basically… I thought, you know, “They’re lawyers. You’re supposed to be innocent until proven guilty.”

And they immediately just come right out and say, “Trump did it!”

Well, I just don’t understand why those lawyers can sit there and definitively say Trump has done something illegal when it hasn’t been proven yet.

Yeah. I’m wondering, though, too, why is there no accountability? Because if they’re going to accuse the president of the United States of committing a crime definitively before he’s been proven to, why is there no accountability for that?

Yeah. Well, besides praying fervently that God would bring justice in this situation, I’ve also kind of been praying, like you said, that the American people, Democrat or Republican, would wake up and see through this mind game and be offended that they’re trying to take us for fools.


Father God, we thank you for this caller and her prayers on behalf of our nation. We also thank you for her courage to share her prayers on a national broadcast. We agree with this caller and pray fervently that You would bring justice in this entire situation. And God please, we pray that the American people, Democrat or Republican, would wake up and see through this mind game and be offended that the irresponsible House Democrats are trying to take us for fools.

How long, O God, will you allow our enemies to insult you? Will you let them dishonor your name forever? Psalm 74:10, NLT

How long, O LORD? How long will the wicked be allowed to gloat? Psalm 94:3, NLT

Yes Lord, let us be offended at this farce and their pompous disdain for people outside of their paltry circles. It is not only President Trump that they are attacking, but all Americans.

Oh Lord, Your Word says that You oppose the proud. Show us the fulfillment of this Word and act swiftly!

In the Name of Jesus Christ, Amen.