Pastor And Bishop Lead Prayer For President Trump’s Transition To Greatness Roundtable In Dallas June 11, 2020

Gateway Church Dallas Campus
Dallas, Texas

President Trump: And I’d now like to ask Pastor Robert Morris and Bishop Harry Jackson to lead us in prayer.  Thank you.

(Pastor Robert Morris) Lord, we need you.  We need you at this time in our country.  And I thank you for our President.  I thank you, Lord, for our leaders.  I thank you, thank you, thank you.

I know in the Bible that, when something was emphasized, it was repeated: “holy, holy, holy.”  Thank you, thank you, thank you, Lord, that we are about to bring tremendous progress to a problem that’s been here for a long time.  And I thank you for this administration.  And, Lord, we pray your blessings and your guidance today on this meeting, in Jesus name.

(Bishop Harry Jackson) Father, we thank you so much for what you’re doing today.  You have revealed so many things that are untoward, even evil.  But we ask, according to Isaiah 50, verse 4, that you would give us the tongue of the learned that we should know how to speak to the heart of this nation.

Give us a word in season to Him that’s weary, and waken us morning by morning, God, that we would hear and speak.  We have a great, courageous President who’s a problem solver.  And let him speak as your mouthpiece and act as your instrument.  And we thank you for this time.  Amen.

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If you missed the roundtable, we highly recommend reading the full transcript on the White House website or watching the video here.

A Few Key Statements (And There Are Too Many To List)

Attorney General Barr

Third [of 4 critical elements necessary to provide and ensure the full American Dream for all communities], I think, is moral discipline.  And our young people, they have to have the discipline to seize the opportunity, to make momentary sacrifices for later gain.  And traditionally, that has come — and people can find it, perhaps, from many sources — but traditionally that has come from religion, which our founders believed was the foundation of our republic.  And — (applause) — and we — we have to stop policies that undermine religion or relegate religion out of the public square.  (Applause.)

HUD Secretary Ben Carson

And, you know, these investments and innovation give me a tremendous amount of hope for the future of this nation.  Mr. President, under your leadership, I’m confident that the American people will emerge stronger from this pandemic and more determined than ever.  And we, the people, will recognize, despite all the forces to the contrary, that we are not each other’s enemies.  And — (applause) —

Former NFL Player and Founder/Director of The Jack Brewer Foundation, Jack Brewer

Thank you, Mr. President.  Thank you, Pastor Morris, for offering your church.  I think, right now, like any other time in our nation’s history, we need God.  (Applause.)  I’m praying to the Holy Spirit to put words on my mouth right now.  And I want our nation to hear me: We need the fear of God.  (Applause.)

Mr. President, you’re the only Republican I’ve ever voted for.  (Applause.)  And I don’t just say that to make you feel good.  Honestly, I — that’s not my goal, man.  I’m saying that because you stood up for the Word of God.  And as believers, as the church, we have to pray for our President and have his back.  When you raised that Bible up after those folks burnt that church — we are in a spiritual warfare.  (Applause.)

We cannot fight this battle with flesh and blood.  We cannot fight this battle with politics.  You cannot politicize oppression.

Jon Ponder, CEO of Hope for Prisoners Ministry

That is just further evidence that we serve a gigantic God that wants to bridge the gaps.  (Applause.)  And in that, that is why that is so important — because what God wants to do, the Bible calls it the “repairer of the breach.”

Bishop Harry Jackson

Thank you.  Can I add one last thing before you leave?

THE PRESIDENT:  Please.  Please.

BISHOP JACKSON:  I’m tired of people blaming the current administration and others in our generation.  These problems began many years ago.  (Applause.)  And what has been exciting to me is it was the church that began the abolitionist movement.

It was the church and whites and blacks working together that started the NAACP.  It didn’t have a black leader at the beginning of time.  It was the church that led through in the Civil Rights movement.  So I want to offer you my support in these listening sessions, in that the church needs to come together.  I believe we can unify better than any group.

And what we’re looking for you to do is to give structural guidance, which you’re working on, and you’ve — you’ve already brought forth some amazing things.  But I want to affirm that Democrats can’t kneel down and wear Kente cloth and stop black pain.  Republicans can’t take some one-time act and stop black — black pain.  But I believe we’ve got a man here who’s courageous enough to begin something that’s tough, and that we’re going to, this time, heal.

And so, I weep over this.  I pray for you, as you know.

THE PRESIDENT:  Thank you.  I know.

BISHOP JACKSON:  And we believe that we’re going to get it right.

I got to say one last thing.  Being a — I lost my late wife a couple years ago.  I found out, in dealing with her, that sometimes you just got to listen, feel her pain.  If you try to fix it too early, you’re going to make a mistake.  Your listening sessions are wise because it’s going to give that cathartic process a chance.

So I don’t want to take up too much time, sir, but I wanted to say that.  The people here, I challenge you Christians — black, white, Asian: Let’s come together, and let’s provide a safety net, and then we’ll work with business, and then we’ll work along with the administration.  But don’t push them out here up front, and say, “Fix it now.  Fix it now.  Fix it now.  Fix it now,” because it’s never worked that way.  Thank you, sir.

Note From PAGA

Note: As Pray America Great Again has been collecting prayers from multiple presidents and times in American history, we are struck by the many prayers and engagement of church leaders in the affairs and matters of the Trump Administration. Could this be why spiritual warfare (mainstream media, cultural Marxism, attack on Jews and Christians, etc.) is at an all-time high?

Pray America Great Again Ephesians 6:11