Prayer Protected America From Traitor Benedict Arnold: BTW, Has Anyone Checked The Shoe Heels Of obama Or Comey?

No doubt you’ve heard of Benedict Arnold? The original Deep State operative who colluded with a British spy. But did you know the account of this U.S. traitor’s breach and subsequent disclosure is literally interwoven with prayer?

Did you also know the brief account of America’s proto-traitor involves a person with the last name “Clinton”. No surprise, really.

Prayers Can Out Traitors aka God Works In Mysterious Ways

The prayers of the Founding Fathers during the end of the 18th century didn’t include asking God that “traitors be outed.” Heavens no! They had no idea of Arnold’s arrogant desire for exaltation or his anti-American sentiment. Instead, the Fathers had given thanks to God for the many blessings on America, asked for wisdom to lead the young nation, and asked for divine protection in battle.

Instead of “Benedict Arnold betrays America,” this period in American History could be called “God Answers Sincere Prayer With A Miracle.”


Prior to the treasonous action in 1780, Benedict Arnold, by all accounts, was a revered and popular leader in America. Through his valiant actions in the Revolutionary War, both in the capture of Fort Ticonderoga and leading the charge against the British at the Battle of Saratoga, the General had reached national hero status.

Toward The End Of 1779 – Benedict Arnold’s Wife

However, his British loyalist wife began nagging Benedict with the idea that he was under-appreciated. For all his efforts, he had been passed over for promotion at least 5 times, a veritable 18th century Mr. Vindman. By the end of 1779, she began meeting with a British spy named Major John Andre.

November 11, 1779 – Thomas Jefferson

Meanwhile, as Ms. Arnold colluded with a British spy (things truly never change), Thomas Jefferson, then Governor of Virginia, issued a Proclamation of Prayer for December 9, 1779, based on a recommendation from Congress to all of the states.

Jefferson’s eloquent proclamation is a blessing read in full. Below are portions of this petition to Almighty God that relate to the war at hand.  A topic that obviously weighed heavily on the minds of America’s leaders.

…Congress, impressed with a grateful sense of the goodness of Almighty God, in blessing the greater part of this extensive continent with plentiful harvests, crowning our arms with repeated successes, conducting us hitherto safely through the perils with which we have been encompassed and manifesting in multiplied instances his divine care of these infant states, hath thought proper by their act of the 20th day of October last, to recommend to the several states that Thursday the 9th of December next be appointed a day of publick and solemn thanksgiving and prayer, which act is in these words, to wit.

“Whereas it becomes us humbly to approach the throne of Almighty God, with gratitude and praise, for the wonders which his goodness has wrought in conducting our forefathers to this western world; for his protection to them and to their posterity, amidst difficulties and dangers; for raising us their children from deep distress, to be numbered among the nations of the earth; and for arming the hands of just and mighty Princes in our deliverance; …that he hath prospered our arms and those of our ally, been a shield to our troops in the hour of danger, pointed their swords to victory, and led them in triumph over the bulwarks of the foe; …that he hath stayed the hand of the spoiler, and turned back his meditated destruction; …and above all, that he hath diffused the glorious light of the gospel, whereby, through the merits of our gracious Redeemer, we may become the heirs of his eternal glory. Therefore,

Resolved, that it be recommended to the several states to appoint THURSDAY the 9th of December next, to be a day of publick and solemn THANKSGIVING to Almighty God, for his mercies, and of PRAYER, for the continuance of his favour and protection to these United States; to beseech him that he would be graciously pleased to influence our publick Councils, and bless them with wisdom from on high, with unanimity, firmness and success; that he would go forth with our hosts and crown our arms with victory; …that he would take into his holy protection, our illustrious ally, give him victory over his enemies, and render him finally great, as the father of his people, and the protector of the rights of mankind; that he would graciously be pleased to turn the hearts of our enemies, and to dispence the blessings of peace to contending nations.

That he would in mercy look down upon us, pardon all our sins, and receive us into his favour; and finally, that he would establish the independance of these United States upon the basis of religion and virtue, and support and protect them in the enjoyment of peace, liberty and safety.”

It is safe to say that the nation was “prayed up.”


In 1780, General Benedict Arnold was given command of West Point, the important Continental Army fort location on the Hudson River. West Point also served as George Washington’s headquarters. From here the army controlled the Hudson River Valley.

According to West Point’s website:

West Point’s role in our nation’s history dates back to the Revolutionary War, when both sides realized the strategic importance of the commanding plateau on the west bank of the Hudson River. General George Washington considered West Point to be the most important strategic position in America. Washington personally selected Thaddeus Kosciuszko, one of the heroes of Saratoga, to design the fortifications for West Point in 1778, and Washington transferred his headquarters to West Point in 1779. Continental soldiers built forts, batteries and redoubts and extended a 150-ton iron chain across the Hudson to control river traffic.

Certainly the U.S. Army must have thought highly of Benedict Arnold to give him such an important post as West Point.

Yet, Wherever There Is Treachery, You Will Find A Clinton (And A British Spy)

View of the Hudson River looking north from the Overlook at the United States Military Academy at West Point. This view overlooks the point on the Hudson river which was used during the Revolutionary Period to place chains across the river in order to prevent British vessels from sailing up river.

August 30, 1780

By August 30, 1780, Arnold made the fateful decision to do what his name has become synonymous with—commit treason, that is, betray the country. Only 4 years after the Declaration of Independence was signed, Arnold sold out America by conspiring with the British General Henry Clinton. Seriously, Clinton.

September 21, 1780

On September 21, 1780, the British spy, Major John Andre, who had previously met with Mrs. Arnold, now met with the General himself.

Prayers Answered

After the meeting, Major Andre dressed as a civilian and attempted to return to the British lines. However, the American sentries stopped him. They searched him once. Then twice. Then, almost as an afterthought, they decided to search his boots. In a hollowed-out space in the heel of his boot, they found a map of West Point with instructions revealing the most vulnerable place to attack.

The guards immediately arrested Andre and took him to the office of the General in charge of West Point—General Benedict Arnold(!). Realizing that his treasonous actions were about to be revealed, Arnold escaped. No, CNN didn’t hire him to do commentary. After serving with the British army in America, he fled to England where he later died.

And What Did The Young Nation Do To British Spies?

British Major John Andre was executed as a spy.

Thanking God For Protecting America’s Liberty

September 26, 1780

In Washington’s General Orders of September 26, 1780, he wrote:

Treason of the blackest dye was yesterday discovered! General Arnold who commanded at Westpoint, lost to every sentiment of honor—of public and private obligation—was about to deliver up that important Post into the hands of the enemy. Such an event must have given the American cause a deadly wound if not a fatal stab. Happily the treason has been timely discovered to prevent the fatal misfortune. The providential train of circumstances which led to it affords the most convincing proof that the Liberties of America are the object of divine Protection.

Divine protection indeed!

And what did the young nation do?

They prayed!

October 18, 1780

On October 18, 1780, the Continental Congress issued a proclamation establishing December 7, 1780, as a day of “public thanksgiving and prayer.” The proclamation also makes a reference to Benedict Arnold’s treason, which was exposed before it could be fully executed.

Whereas it hath pleased Almighty God, the Father of all mercies, amidst the vicissitudes and calamities of war, to bestow blessings on the people of these states, which call for their devout and thankful acknowledgments, more especially in the late remarkable interposition of his watchful providence, in rescuing the person of our Commander in Chief and the army from imminent dangers, at the moment when treason was ripened for execution; in prospering the labours of the husbandmen, and causing the earth to yield its increase in plentiful harvests; and, above all, in continuing to us the enjoyment of the gospel of peace.

And all of this begs the question –

Did Anybody Check The Heels of barack obama Or James Comey Or Any Of The Other o-Admin Traitors?

January 2016 (maybe Winter 2015) – Summer 2019 (that we know so far)

Washington called Benedict Arnold’s actions “treason of the blackest dye.” If the quintessential traitor had been successful, Washington remarks, “Such an event must have given the American cause a deadly wound if not a fatal stab.”

Is it not equally true that if the obama Administration had succeeded, the American cause would have been given a deadly wound if not a fatal stab?

In our Constitutional Republic, We The People elect federal leaders based on voting. In 2016, We The People elected President Donald Trump.

It is well documented that the Trump Campaign, the Trump Presidential Transition Team, and the Trump Presidency was (and possibly still is) spied on by the obama administration and the associated cabal of establishment bureaucrats and deep state operatives. Only an abject imbecile could not see this. Only the most hardened and/or propagandized leftist refuses to admit the truth.

A sitting Democrat president—barack obama—headed the coup of a Republican Presidential candidate and President-elect. obama and all of his people should receive the just penalty of treason. Today, that means they should be in jail.

Numerous people at the FBI and DOJ have been fired. Others, knowing they were caught, like Benedict Arnold left their government jobs as quickly as possible.

The American people have been promised that these traitors will pay for their crimes. Will the swamp indict itself? That’s debatable, so it’s time to start asking the Only True Judge to give them justice.

In Washington’s General Orders of September 26, 1780, quoted in part above, he went on to say:

At the same time that the Treason is to be regretted the General cannot help congratulating the Army on the happy discovery. Our Enemies despairing of carrying their point by force are practicing every base art to effect by bribery and Corruption what they cannot accomplish in a manly way.

Is this not exactly the situation we find ourselves in today with the D.C. establishment, Democrats, and the mainstream media? What they cannot accomplish in a manly way [that is an honest and civil debate of ideas], they practice every base art including, but not limited to, bribery and corruption. (Today (3/09/2020) as this is being written, the left is using a disease, the Wuhan Virus, aka Corona Flu Virus. The MSM and Dem politicians are practicing the base arts of fear-mongering, causing panic, and trying to make the economy fail. The evil of these people knows no bounds.)

Love Your Enemies

Jesus said to love our enemies.  Although it is difficult to love Democrats, mainstream media people, or any leftist, we love them because God does and out of obedience to Christ. With loving concern we pray for them to desire the virtues of honesty and honor, and to stop the violence, corruption, lying, and every other base art they continually practice. We pray for their reconciliation with God—so their souls may be saved. Who is sufficient for such a task?

But thanks be to God, who in Christ always leads us in triumphal procession, and through us spreads the fragrance of the knowledge of him everywhere.  15 For we are the aroma of Christ to God among those who are being saved and among those who are perishing,  16 to one a fragrance from death to death, to the other a fragrance from life to life. Who is sufficientfor these things? 17 For we are not, like so many, peddlers of God’s word, but as men of sincerity, as commissioned by God, in the sight of God we speak in Christ. 2 Corinthians 2:14-17


In 1783, Ezra Stiles, President of Yale University, recalls the providential miracle obstructing Benedict Arnold’s treason.