Prayer Is The Breath Of Faith: From Charles Spurgeon The Best War-Cry

Prayer is the breath of faith. I do not believe God will ever be long with a church that does not pray: and I feel certain that when meetings for prayer, when family prayer, when private prayer, when any form of prayer comes to be at a discount, the Lord will leave the people to learn their weakness. Want of prayer cuts the sinews of the church for practical working; she is lame, feeble, impotent, if prayer be gone. If anything be the matter with the lungs we fear consumption [tuberculosis]: prayer-meetings are the lungs of the church, and anything the matter there means consumption to the church, or at best a gradual decline, attended with general debility. Oh, my brothers, if we want to have God with us, pass the watchword round, “Let us pray.” Let us pray after the fashion of the widow who was importunate and would not be repulsed; remember, it is written, “Men ought always to pray, and not to faint.” Where prayer is fervent God is present. –Charles Spurgeon, Excerpt from The Best War-Cry Sermon