Praying For America’s Homeless And The Liberal Politicians Who Put Them On The Street

This post begins a series of prayers for America’s homeless and the liberal politicians whose corruption and failed policies have put them on the street. This series is similar to Pray America Great Again’s prayers for America’s large cities. However, in these posts we will be praying for the homeless as well as asking God to intercede with liberal politicians who have caused their situation.

America’s homeless and America’s large cities have one thing in common—they have both been upended by the failed liberal policies and corruption of Democrat politicians.

Let corrupt Democrat politicians who are hungry for power and money bring destruction to themselves all day long. But when their lack of empathy for other humans beings brings every kind of devastation to communities and cities, and to the people, jobs, children, schools, safety, city services, etc. in those cities, they have no excuse. These are the situations being prayed for in PAGA’s series on America’s large cities.

People with homes in the inner cities of Democrat-ruled large cities have it hard enough.

But Then, There Is The Homeless

But when people are homeless, with no place to lay their head, no place to call their own, living in filth, not knowing where their next meal will come from—and their situation is caused by the same corrupt Democrat politicians who have ruined the same big cities, it is obvious that the decadence and depravity of these politicians knows no bounds. People are suffering immensely at their hands, and they do nothing.

Democrat politicians, self-proclaimed demagogues, must be stopped. It is doubtful that they will be voted out of office any time soon. These lawless officials set corrupt accomplices in charge of voting precincts. These henchmen willingly promote cheating (Duck Duck Go “Broward County Brenda Snipes” for a typical Democrat-ruled precinct), “lose” and “find” ballots, maintain invalid voter roles, and allow illegal aliens to vote. Moreover, the destitute are promised welfare benefits, “gift” cards, and other monetary allowances in exchange for voting for a certain candidate.

Such a catch-22 situation seems hopeless. Unless liberal politicians suddenly get a conscience, it is doubtful anything will change. And no one in their right mind is holding their breath waiting for that to happen.

But there is another way. God can intervene. Only God can change hearts and minds.


Father God, at this moment in time, we lift up all the homeless throughout the United States to Your loving care. Please God watch over them, keep them safe, give them food to eat, and meet their needs. Most of all Father, let them feel Your presence in a mighty way. Let them know that they are loved. Let them know that they are valuable and precious in Your sight.

Lord, throughout the Bible You intervened in all kinds of dire situations. Impossible situations that could not be remedied by humanity. Evil despots whose vile lack of empathy murdered and enslaved people for money and power. It sounds familiar to the evil officials found in America’s large cities today.

Lord God, with a sincere heart, I appeal to Your just rule to intervene in the lives of these crazed Democrat liberal politicians. Look at the suffering and hardship they are causing! Please God, pour our Your Holy Spirit on these people. Open their eyes to see the evil they impose on human beings. Change their hearts to care about the destitution at their hands, while they sit in the lap of luxury.

Oh God, I feel so helpless to do anything on the one hand. But on the other hand, bringing these concerns before Your throne is the greatest thing anyone can do. Certainly, You hear the prayers of Your people to bring justice in the world.

Except for Your grace, it could be me suffering at the hands of these tyrants. Please Lord, do something!

In The Name Of Jesus, Amen.


ICYI – More Information On Homelessness In The U.S.

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Homelessness Statistics by State

The map below shows the 2018 number of homeless by state. Detailed data about each state can be found here.

Total People Experiencing Homelessness

Pray America Great Again Homelessness By State 2018

Pray America Great Again Homelessness By State 2018 Map Key


From The State of Homelessness In America Executive Summary September 2019:

The State of Homelessness in America

The Council of Economic Advisors September 2019

Executive Summary

September 2019

Due to decades of misguided and faulty policies, homelessness is a serious problem. Over half a million people go homeless on a single night in the United States. Over half a million people go homeless on a single night in the United States. Approximately 65 percent are found in homeless shelters, and the other 35 percent—just under 200,000—are found unsheltered on our streets (in places not intended for human habitation, such as sidewalks, parks, cars, or abandoned buildings). Homelessness almost always involves people facing desperate situations and extreme hardship. They must make choices among very limited options, often in the context of extreme duress, substance abuse disorders, untreated mental illness, or unintended consequences from well-intentioned policies. Improved policies that address the underlying causes of the problem and more effectively serve some of the most vulnerable members of society are needed.

We first document how homelessness varies across the United States. Homelessness is concentrated in major cities on the West Coast and the Northeast. Almost half (47 percent) of all unsheltered homeless people are found in the State of California, about four times as high as California’s share of the overall U.S. population. Rates of sheltered homelessness are highest in Boston, New York City, and Washington, D.C., with New York City alone containing over one-fifth of all sheltered homeless people in the United States.

Note the states with the greatest number of homeless—California, New York City, Washington D.C., and Boston. States and cities that have been under the failed liberal policies of Democrat-rule for decades. And isn’t CA, NY, D.C., and MA home to the country’s elites? You know the ones who ridicule and demean the rest of the country. The ones who think they are smarter than the rest of the country? America’s most vicious, tunnel-visioned leftists live in CA, NY, D.C. and MA and they are trying to tell the rest of the country how they should vote? And how they should live?

If homelessness on such a grand scale equal wokeness—No thanks.

Major Causes Of Homelessness

According to the Council of Economic Advisors report referenced above, there are 4 primary causes that lead to homelessness.

  1. the higher price of housing resulting from overregulation of housing markets; results in outrageous, unaffordable housing costs.
  2. the conditions for sleeping on the street (outside of shelter or housing); though warm temperatures do attract larger homeless populations, this factor doesn’t play out as neatly as some liberals would like for people to believe. For example, Arizona and Florida have considerably less homeless, though they have mild temperatures. At the same time, Oregon and Washington have much larger numbers of homeless people, though they have significantly lower temperatures. More likely, it is the extent of policing of street activities that play a larger role.
  3. the supply of homeless shelters; a larger supply of homeless shelters seems to encourage more homelessness, take Washington D.C. for example;
  4. the characteristics of individuals in a community that make homelessness more likely. Severe mental illness, substance abuse problems, histories of incarceration, low incomes, and weak social connections each increase an individual’s risk of homelessness, and higher prevalence in the population of these factors may increase total homelessness

A favorite Democrat talking point claims that weather is the primary reason for the number of homeless. Statistics do not support this mantra. Instead, it removes the blame from the politician’s own floundering policies.

It is easy to see each of the 4 major causes of homelessness alive and well under the tyrannical hands of Democrat-rule in America’s large cities with large homeless populations.

More Specific Prayers

Father God, In the Name of Jesus Christ, I plead that You help this lady. Oh Lord, this is so heartbreaking. You have known this lady since she first came into the world. You have watched her entire life. You know every circumstance that led to this place and to wherever she is today. You know her name. Jesus said that God knows when a sparrow falls, and that people are of more value than birds. Oh Lord God, please help this lady in every way she needs. Help her family to locate her. Help her to find a place to live, food to eat. And Father if she needs medications, let her find the help she needs. Oh Lord God, please have mercy on this lady. Let her feel Your love as the everlasting arms embrace and protect her. In the Name of Jesus, Amen.

Father God, I lift up this young man and his dog to Your tender care and mercy. You have known him since the day his mother looked at him lovingly as she held the newborn baby in her arms. Oh God, You know this person’s name. Please watch over him. Please keep him safe. Please help him find a place to live, and a way to get back on his feet. Give him day to day needs for him and his dog. Oh Lord, thank You that they have each other. Please God, I plead on Your Word that You feed the birds of the air and clothe the lilies of the field, and You know that people need these things too. Oh Jesus, wherever this young man and his dog are this very day, I pray that You will bless them, meet their needs, let them know that You love them and that they are precious in Your sight. Oh Jesus, in Your great mercy, help this young man and his dog.  In the Name of Jesus, Amen.