Rabbi Aryeh Spero  Prays For America As The Nation Begins Holy Week March 29, 2021


[LORD God,]

Our nation will once again be celebrating Your holiday of Passover and its sister celebration of Easter. This time in the period of crisis.

Passover represents the ideas of liberty and nationhood. Easter demonstrates salvation. The original Easter took place itself within the days of the Passover holiday. Like Easter with its promise of salvation, Passover focuses on redemption. We as individuals and as members of a nation need both personal salvation and national redemption.

We know that the fate of one’s personal salvation often depends on a nation redeemed from the bondage of tyranny, evil, impurity and hedonism. Indeed, Lord, on Passover, the Hebrews were rescued from all these tragic conditions. They attained liberty, which in Hebrew is called, חֵרוּת, [pronounced tay-root].

Liberty is the foundation of true nationhood, national redemption, and personal salvation. We need to freely choose salvation and we need liberty to make exalted nationhood and redemption possible.

Almighty God, You have appointed these holy days in the burgeoning and expanding light of spring. Liberty and redemption sprout freshness, vigor, and so it is our duty to resist and reject the forces of darkness at work today that would snuff out our liberty, deprive us of nationhood and redemption from that which is impure and hedonistic.

We all need a Savior from above while being agents for our own salvation here below. Saving the Judeo-Christian heritage is our duty today for it is the foundational pillar of who we are. We need to pushback and stand against the forces of authoritarianism that intend to demolish this divine structure that has showered blessings upon America, our people, and this land.

Our Judeo-Christian superstructure was born in revelation itself millennia ago.  So, help us, oh Lord, to help ourselves.

Let our ancestors give us inspiration.

Grant us know-how and courage.

And let us say, Amen.


Watch Rabbi Spero’s prayer to begin Holy Week and follow-up interview here.


More About Rabbi Spero

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Rabbi Spero: In Times Of Testing We Must Take A “Leap Of Faith”

Speaking of the current crisis, Rabbi Spero said, “These are times we are being tested, and it will require a leap of faith.” When the Hebrews left the statist and oppressive rule of Pharaoh,  “God said, ‘Listen, you have to go forward (Exodus 14:15).’ There was a man named Nahshon and he leapt into the sea. It was the leap of faith!” And the Rabbi continued:

We are going to have to do things that will restore our freedom. If it’s religious freedom, freedom of speech, of assembly. And every so often a nation is called on, it’s tested, does is believe enough in itself, to take upon itself, its own redemption in the name of liberty.

But we have to be very explicit in what this nation was founded on and that’s what the Judeo-Christian outlines for us, the Judeo-Christian ethos. It was not founded on social engineering, or socialism, or statism. And nobody has the right to say that if I disagree with them, simply because they are speaker, that I am an enemy of the state. No way!

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Wisdom From Rabbi Spero – We Must Speak The Truth

After Rabbi Spero finished praying, Steven K. Bannon, host of War Room Pandemic, asked him, “What actions do you recommend that this audience take?” The Rabbi answered:

There are two things. Remember, integral to the Judeo-Christian outlook is the idea of truth. We must speak the truth, not allow ourselves to be silenced. They wanted to silence Moses. They wanted to silence Jesus. God brings these figures into our life and history ever so often to demonstrate the need to speak the truth. We have to do that.

And then of course, we are going to have to assemble. Eventually, we are going to have to assemble, and gather, in rallies, in protests—what’s happening(!)—we will have to do that.

But in the long term, we are going to have to make parallel institutions, our own institutions, so that we cannot be cancelled and controlled; we cannot be prohibited from getting a loan or a job or speaking on social networks.  We’re going to have to make all of these institutions. Schools of higher learning. That’s where your daily program is so important. It’s a parallel alternative to some of the brainwashing and indoctrination the anti-freedom control culture, cancel control culture, coming from the mainstream media. We’re going to have to do that.

We have to have a partnership with God. God helps those, though, who help themselves. You must make these leaps of faith.

One more thing I’d like to say. Our predicament is nowhere near as dire as it was for the Hebrews, the Jewish people, during the time of the Egyptian bondage.  Nowhere near as dire today as it was at the time when we were under the thumb of King George.

If our ancestors can do it, under far more severe conditions, then we can. We have to have faith in the Almighty, but faith in ourselves too.

We have to be people of action.

God made this world for people to act.